TWAN: ‘Carry On’

TWAN: ‘Carry On’

With his latest offering ‘Carry On‘, London-based artist TWAN once again asserts his notable role in electronic music.

True to form, the producer fearlessly smashes stereotypes, fusing emotional melodies with hard-hitting basslines and beats. The track chronicles resilience in the face of adversity, conveyed through vulnerable lyrics and TWAN’s masterful juxtaposition of delicate and aggressive musical elements.

While echoes of UK garage and breakbeat can be detected, TWAN assimilates these into a sound distinctly his own. ‘Carry On’ captivates through raw sonic textures that mirror the song’s narrative of overcoming life’s challenges. 

His production and songwriting shine, crafting a journey from introspective verses to empowered choruses that soar with gritty determination. With sublime experimentation and technical artistry, TWAN has created an impactful anthem for finding strength amidst hardship.

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