ronja: ‘Nothing Makes Me Feel’

ronja: ‘Nothing Makes Me Feel’

ronja‘s new track ‘Nothing Makes Me Feel’ is a hushed, delicate reverie.

Her feather-light vocals float over gentle acoustic guitar, evoking daybreak’s tranquility. Though the instrumentation is minimalist, ronja’s songwriting radiates. Her lyrics poetically depict a moment of quiet contemplation. ronja exercises restraint, allowing the song’s splendour to emerge from its simplicity.

Her voice is gossamer yet grounded – she holds back while still conveying emotion and the song feels intimate yet universally relatable. It sweeps you into a meditative headspace. The singer-songwriter continues showcasing her versatility with this folk-tinged gem. She proves less is more and her talent for crafting a poignant experience using sparse elements has resulted in an understated triumph brimming with nuance and care.

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