Tummyache: ‘Machine’

Texas-based singer-songwriter Soren Bryce aka Tummyache takes her name from side effects following severe anxiety and has now channelled these mental and physical feelings into a series of gorgeous, muscular indie-rock gems. 

The SHHE Podcast

Halina Rifai speaks SHHE about her latest self-titled album and she selects music. They discuss her influences and the inspirations behind her record and more. She also picks a selection of songs that have soundtracked her life so far. You can listen/stream on Acast (below) or subscribe to iTunes or find us on your preferred…

The New Music Podcast: Episode 16

Podcart’s New Music podcast returns with Halina Rifai and Euan Davidson Please listen and enjoy and remember to check out the artists in more depth. You can listen/stream on Acast (below) or subscribe via iTunes or your preferred podcast app.  This week’s tracklisting is: Julie Doiron: Bonito Rachel K Collier: Three Faces TNGHT: Dollaz Netsounds Selects – Goodnight Louisa: Someone So…