Lewis McLaughlin: ‘Getting Better’

Lewis McLaughlin: ‘Getting Better’

With ‘Getting Better’ Lewis McLaughlin delivers an upbeat indie rock anthem brimming with hope.
Though written in a gloomy Glasgow winter, the track emanates a bright spirit. McLaughlin’s candid lyrics explore the intricacies of self-improvement and embracing change. His feather-light vocals carry notable emotion.

The song began as an acoustic ballad before evolving into a jubilant celebration of growth. McLaughlin proves adept at conveying both sonic lightness and lyrical depth. He and producer Andy Monaghan yield vivid textures and profundity. Flourishing with their collaborative efforts, the song highlights his versatility – few could evoke such positivity from wintry depths.

The singer-songwriter joins the ranks of Scottish indie greats and this is an ebullient triumph. McLaughlin has crafted an inspired ode to self-transformation and brighter tomorrows.

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