Jordann Funk: ‘decomposing’

Jordann Funk: ‘decomposing’

Jordann Funk‘s ambient melodies on ‘decomposing‘ evoke feelings of an inevitable metamorphosis.

Her vocal delivery is confident yet vulnerable as she explores her chrysalis-like transitional period. Backed by subtle yet textured production from Michael Lesko, the track flourishes with beautiful sonic details. Funk cites the decomposition process of a caterpillar as it transforms into a butterfly as inspiration. This natural process comes through in the gradual build of the production.

Poignant melodies and plucked lines slowly envelope the mix, mirroring the imaginal cells coming together. There is a liminal, mystical quality to the track, however, Funk makes the song wholly her own.

‘decomposing’ highlights her ability to translate profound emotional experiences into impactful art. She has crafted a poetic track that leaves the listener feeling moved. This is Funk at the peak of her songwriting powers.

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