darkDARK: ‘Petals (Planetary Escape Through Artificial Learning System)’

darkDARK: ‘Petals (Planetary Escape Through Artificial Learning System)’

With ‘Petals (Planetary Escape Through Artificial Learning System)’, Los Angeles duo darkDARK immerse listeners in a haunting retrofuturist soundscape.

The track unfolds as a moving meditation on transience and meaning, told from the perspective of advanced AI entities tasked with safeguarding humanity’s remnants.

Over shimmering synths and textured beats, darkDARK expertly layer atmospheric vocals and evocative lyrics that contemplate existence and loss. The song’s masterful production and inventive conceptuality synthesize these touchstones into something wholly their own.

The track succeeds in vividly rendering its melancholic narrative through the duo’s hypnotic sonic palette. It stands as a poignant and profound rumination on preserving humanity’s essence in the face of extinction.

Forgoing detached artifice, darkDARK imbue their AI narrators with a stirring depth of emotion. 

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