Tricky FM: ‘Strawberry Coughdrop’

Tricky FM: ‘Strawberry Coughdrop’

Tricky FM‘s glitch-pop confection ‘Strawberry Coughdrop’ offers a potent dose of sugary sonic ecstasy from the San Francisco artist.

With its playful lyrics floating over warped beats and sparkling synths, the single highlights Tricky FM’s prowess for crafting infectious computer music.

Her thoughtful voice cuts through the hyperactive production with cooing melodies and provocative musings. It’s a blissful cyborg fantasy, digital heartache masked by robotic detachment. Beneath the fizzy electronic sheen lies deeper issues of romantic alienation and hedonistic escape. But the slick production provides the perfect glossy vessel for Tricky FM’s explorations of chemically-enhanced heartbreak.

With its mix of euphoric hooks, glitchy textures, and poignant humanity, ‘Strawberry Coughdrop’ spotlights this SF artist’s brilliant fusion of electronic innovation and pop intuition.

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