Nectar Woode: ‘God Talks Back’

Nectar Woode: ‘God Talks Back’

On her soulful latest single ‘God Talks Back’, London-based singer-songwriter Nectar Woode channels her divine inner voice through hook-laden neo-soul.

With its laidback grooves and uplifting harmonies, the track highlights Woode’s natural talent for crafting spiritual anthems. Woode imprints the song with her own brand of sun-kissed positivity. Her smooth vocals ride the rolling rhythms with ease as she ruminates on following one’s instincts into the unknown when pursuing attraction.

It’s a feel-good sermon that preaches self-faith and pure intentions, carried by Woode’s intuitive melodies and sage lyrical wisdom. Blessed with the natural charisma of a rising soul star, Woode radiates warmth and clarity through this divine communion with her inner self.

‘God Talks Back’ exemplifies her gift for translating spiritual subjects into catchy uplifting songs, without losing depth. 

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