Madge: ‘TALL GRASS (feat. Portugal. The Man)’

Madge: ‘TALL GRASS (feat. Portugal. The Man)’

Brooklyn-based artist Madge teams with Portugal. The Man for the gloriously off-kilter pop fantasia ‘TALL GREASS‘.

Madge programmes their own distinctively DIY electro-pop, fusing left-field lyrics with infectious melodic hooks. Their idiosyncratic vocals skip playfully over glitchy beats as they ruminate cryptically on communication and connection. It’s a vibrant collage pieced together through “months” of virtual exchange, with Portugal.The Man’s spaced-out layers adding psychedelic texture.

The joyfully ramshackle production matches Madge’s avant-weird aesthetic, blending raw experimentation with pure pop appeal. Through this grassroots collaboration they’ve nurtured an eclectic digital daydream – one grown wildly from seed to harvest through artistic camaraderie. It’s a testament to artistic passion and sonic mischief.

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