Jantoje Runaway (feat. Beach Season)

Jantoje Runaway (feat. Beach Season)

Australian producer Jantoje takes us on a euphoric ride with his upbeat indie-dance offering ‘Runaway‘, featuring vocals from frequent collaborators Beach Season.

Classic 90s piano house fused with modern electronic production creates a retro-tinged landscape, Jantoje’s signature blend of organic and digital. Breezy harmonies cruise atop the propulsive rhythms, captured in a sun-drenched music video evoking carefree road trips with friends.

It’s a blissed-out synth-pop reverie tailor-made for the summer highway. But beneath the surface lie thoughtful ruminations on escaping restless uncertainty.  ‘Runaway‘ exemplifies his knack for crafting uplifting electronic tracks that speak to the spirit. It’s the perfect tonic for life’s winding journeys, reminding us to enjoy the ride.

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