Kimyan Law: ‘Facade (feat. SISKA)’

Kimyan Law: ‘Facade (feat. SISKA)’

With ‘Facade‘, Congolese-Austrian musician and producer Kimyan Law offers a poignant reflection on the gulf between our inner and outer selves.

Through electronic influences, Law mines deeper emotional territory and ‘Facade‘ speaks on “the harsh contrasts of the perceived outer and the inner self, and the emotional exhaustion these aspects cause across generations,” the artists explain.

There is a melancholic beauty in the way SISKA’s crystalline vocals crash against Law’s bass-heavy breaks and chilly textures, creating a space for catharsis. With its rhythmic drive and hypnotic atmosphere, ‘Facade‘ provides a stirring anthem for finding truth amidst artifice. Law proves as one of electronic music’s most intriguing new voices.

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