Belot: ‘Ain’t It A Shame’

Belot: ‘Ain’t It A Shame’

With her infectious new single ‘Ain’t It A Shame’, London-based artist Belot continues to pioneer her brand of “awkward pop”, a vibrant attitude oozing through this upbeat revenge fantasia.

Belot’s distinctively expressive vocals glide over glossy production, her nimble melodies and frank sentiments bringing charm to the petty catharsis. As she muses about finally surpassing doubters on her hypothetical yacht, her cheeky lyrics cut with empowering edge.

It’s a gleeful anthem, flipping the script on fairweather friends with bold hooks and rainbow synths. The new single exemplifies Belot’s gift for fusing unconventional pop with intimate songwriting, capturing universally relatable emotions through her kaleidoscopic lens.

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