MAMI UMAMI: ‘Västra Nobel’

MAMI UMAMI: ‘Västra Nobel’

Swedish alternative hip-hop four-piece MAMI UMAMI return with ‘Västra Nobel‘, another dose of their raw, genre-bending sound.

The outfit have crafted an infectious cut that deftly fuses old school hip-hop with modern electronic production.

‘Västra Nobel’ wastes no time establishing its abrasive, industrial aesthetic. The drums pummel while distorted vocals weave around glitchy synths. Fans of dense production and dark trip-hop will find much to enjoy in particular. Yet MAMI UMAMI absorb these influences into a style all their own.

Clever changes keep the track dynamic, with half-time rhythms and haunting melodic interludes providing sparseness amidst the chaos. 

MAMI UMAMI walk a fine line here between discordant and catchy. For all its coarse textures, ‘Västra Nobel’ never alienates the listener. On the contrary, it compels you to hit repeat. The group have honed a sound that feels both bracingly futuristic and nostalgically raw.

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