Lycio: ‘Danger’

Lycio: ‘Danger’

UK electronic trio Lycio return with their pulsing new single ‘Danger‘, an ode to temptation’s tantalising pull.

Vocalist Genie Mendez conveys raw emotion over throbbing industrial synths crafted by keyboardist Charlie Kellie and drummer Alex Lowe.

Lycio wastes no time plunging the listener into their dark, hypnotic world. Mendez’s breathy vocals entice like a siren’s call while minor key melodies cast an alluring shadow. .

Yet for all its ominous overtones, ‘Danger‘ remains infectious and energetic. Lycio seamlessly blend EDM’s propulsive rhythms with R&B’s smokey ambience. Clever shifts in dynamics and texture maintain interest while accentuating the lyrical themes.

By the end, Lycio have constructed an entire universe within a 4-minute pop track. ‘Danger‘ and continue to push their electronic hybrid sound into thrilling new territory.

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