Ziah Ziah: ‘Un-Comfort’

Ziah Ziah: ‘Un-Comfort’

Enigmatic UK artist Ziah Ziah makes a striking debut with ‘Un-Comfort’, an infectiously gritty slice of electronic pop.

While details remain scarce about this emerging musician, the track speaks volumes about their promising talent.

Ziah Ziah exhibits a keen ear for melody on ‘Un-Comfort’, conceiving sticky vocal hooks that drive the track. The lyrics explore themes of angst and alienation over throbbing synths and danceable beats. Fans of avant-pop will appreciate their charismatic vocals and oblique poetry.

Yet the production displays as much innovation as the songwriting. ‘Un-Comfort‘ harbours influences of Robyn’s icy electronica and Self Esteem’s dark dance-pop, but the atmosphere feels distinctly rawer. Squalling textures and dissonant sounds gnarl up the sleek surface.

Ultimately ‘Un-Comfort’ thrives on this tantalising juxtaposition of accessibility and abrasion. Ziah Ziah already exhibits a compelling artistic vision across the angles of production, performance, and lyricism. With such a daring debut statement, their anonymity surely won’t last for long.

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