John Wlaysewski: ‘It’s Fine’

John Wlaysewski: ‘It’s Fine’

Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist John Wlaysewski returns with ‘It’s Fine’, a slice of propulsive indietronic pop.

The track blends crunchy beats, infectious melodies and Wlaysewski’s own wry lyrics for an addictive listening experience.

Fans of minimalist cool and effervescent dance-pop will find familiar elements. Yet Wlaysewski makes the sound his own with playful sonic flourishes. 

Clever dynamic shifts keep the energy high as the track barrels forward. Wlaysewski knows exactly when to pivot from sparse verses to full-bodied choruses. His pristine production ties everything together into a slick, unified whole.

For all its dancefloor-ready rhythms, ‘It’s Fine’ retains a homemade DIY charm. Slight imperfections in the mix give the track an organic feel.

With its blend of electronic innovation and pop accessibility, the track heralds the arrival of a rising talent. John Wlaysewski has crafted another infectious future indie classic.

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