Claudia Nashef: ‘Nobody’

Claudia Nashef: ‘Nobody’

London-based poet and musician Claudia Nashef returns with ‘Nobody‘, blending folk poetry and electronic production.

Nashef’s Palestinian roots shine through in her emotive vocal delivery and deft blending of global styles with its scales.

A rumbling bassline combined with Nashef’s candid lyrics and vocal melodies exude a mournful beauty. Yet ‘Nobody‘ still feels distinctly innovative. Nashef mirrors her searching poetry with glitchy beats and atmospheric soundscapes. The production envelops her vocals, accentuating poignant turns of phrase.

For all its experimental touches, ‘Nobody‘ remains accessible and infectious. Nashef knows when to strip things back and give her voice space.

With its skilful fusion of tradition and innovation, the track heralds Nashef as a rising talent to watch. She has carved out a unique niche at the intersection of electronic and world music.

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