Bad Tiger: ‘Obedience’

Bad Tiger: ‘Obedience’

San Francisco indie rockers Bad Tiger return with ‘Obedience‘, a melancholic rumination on relationships.

Vocalist/guitarist Yasi Lowy parses doubt and insecurity over atmospheric guitars and synths from David Garges, steady bass from Tyler Gholson, and nimble drumming by Jacob Sherfield.

Fans of confessional songwriting hazy pop will appreciate the candid vulnerability. Yet Bad Tiger absorb these qualities into a sound wholly their own—ethereal and nostalgic yet energetic and modern.

The band dynamically mirror the lyrical tension between hope and apprehension. Twinkling riffs burst into distortion while Sherfield’s driving beats lend momentum.

For all its raw feeling, ‘Obedience‘ reveals nuanced songcraft upon repeat listens. The soaring chorus provides cathartic release for Lowy’s evocative lyrics.

With ‘Obedience‘, Bad Tiger have honed their signature blend of indie candour and pop melodicism. Lowy’s poignant words find the perfect foil in the band’s shimmering soundscapes.

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