Jordann Funk: ‘tsuga’

Jordann Funk: ‘tsuga’

Jordann Funk’s latest psych-folk reverie ‘tsuga‘ sprouted from tragedy in the hemlock groves of her native Pennsylvania. Her lilting vocals and harp drift through misty atmospherics, processing grief into mystical catharsis.

Funk exhibits her usual knack for beguiling melodies that burrow into the subconscious. Meanwhile, the production mirrors the organic lyricism, enveloping acoustic instrumentation in drones and reverb. 

Funk’s vision remains distinctly her own. ‘tsuga‘ balances mournfulness with hope as she ponders nature’s endless cycles of death and rebirth. This poignant theme is reflected in the cyclical song structure.

With its bold experimental flourishes, ‘tsuga‘ expands Funk’s sonic palette. She and producer Andrew Wolfson fuse folk traditionalism with electronic innovation to transportive effect.

Once again the talented musician has crafted potent psychedelic folk out of raw human experience. Her intuitive approach continues to yield some of the most haunting and hypnotic music today.

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