Minas: ‘Chatty Patty’

Minas: ‘Chatty Patty’

With his high-octane new track ‘Chatty Patty’, Greek/Welsh rapper-producer Minas makes a welcome return.
Teaming up with rhythm kings The Davies Brothers, he blends UK rap and punk to blistering effect. This adrenalised anthem grabs you by the throat with its gnarly beats and confrontational lyrics.

Minas vents his frustration at gentrification over foundation beats and addictive samples. His agitated flow and industrial textures prove memorable.

‘Chatty Patty’ is an intoxicating blend of social commentary and moshpit-ready mayhem. The breakneck rhythms and belligerent hooks make for a thrilling listen.

The forthcoming EP ‘Grazes‘ promises more of this winning combination. Minas is back with bite and blistering bombast.

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