Jason Nolan: ‘Spare Change’

Jason Nolan: ‘Spare Change’

English-Malay singer-songwriter Jason Nolan returns with his distinctive art-pop sound on the new single ‘Spare Change’.

Though oblique, the lyrics evoke the dizzying sensation of constant flux and upheaval. Nolan’s candid vocals relay an almost motion sickness-like nausea, floating over inventive electronics.

Fans will recognise his amalgam of organic and synthetic tones, with interplay between crisp drum machines and hazy atmospherics. But ‘Spare Change’ also reveals continued evolution as Nolan’s productions become more bold and enveloping. The track unfurls slowly before blooming into a dense, heady soundscape.

With its adventurous production, ‘Spare Change‘ shows Nolan reaching new heights of artistic expression. He continues to carve out his own unique niche that marries electronic innovation with lyrical poignancy.

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