Hidden Orchestra: ‘Scatter’

Hidden Orchestra: ‘Scatter’

Hidden Orchestra mastermind Joe Acheson continues expanding his cinematic jazz and electronic soundscapes with ‘Scatter‘.

Another taste of the forthcoming new album, Acheson builds the track around ingenious sampled textures, including slowed zither and the enigmatic Slovakian fujara flute. These beautiful organic tones interact hypnotically with Acheson’s nimble breakbeat programming.

Fans will recognise Hidden Orchestra’s immersive approach, situating the listener in a forest of intricate rhythms and textures. But ‘Scatter‘ also reveals subtle evolution in Acheson’s production. The drums feel more robust and impactful, the basslines richer and rounder. He toys with tension and release, at points stripping back the percussion to spotlight the drifting flute melodies.

It’s a testament to Acheson’s versatility that ‘Scatter‘ sounds both intimate and expansive. The electronics wrap the organic instrumentation in a gauzy haze, lending the track an oneiric quality. He conjures a world to get lost in, walking the line between acoustic jazz and electronic dreamscapes.

With its bold vision and deft execution, ‘Scatter‘ bodes extremely well for the full album. Joe Acheson remains one of the most innovative composers in modern jazz and electronica.

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