AULDA: ‘How you spell it’

AULDA: ‘How you spell it’

Scottish producer AULDA makes a welcome return with ‘How You Spell It’, the title track from his pulsating new 4-track EP.

Staying true to his jungle and drum & bass roots, AULDA serves up breakbeats and basslines aimed squarely at shaking soundsystems.

He wastes no time setting the tone, with crispy breaks and a throaty sub-bass synth rumbling from the outset. 

While strongly influenced by old school nostalgia, ‘How You Spell It’ still feels fresh. Clever sound design adds unique textures, from glitchy reverb to screeching leads. The bassline in particular feels updated, with modern width and intensity.

For jungle aficionados, ‘How You Spell It’ will feel like coming home. But newcomers are sure to appreciate AULDA’s craftsmanship.

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