HAIKU: ‘Contentment’

HAIKU: ‘Contentment’

HAIKU’s enigmatic new single ‘Contentment‘ radiates positivity and light.

The producer remains anonymous, with their identity a mystery. This is the first taste of their upcoming Duality EP, representing the ‘good’ side before diving into darker territory.

Contentment‘ wears its influences openly, channelling lush melodic minimalism. There are also traces of rhythmic hypnosis, yet HAIKU synthesizes these qualities into something wholly unique.

The atmosphere is serene and uplifting. HAIKU builds the track masterfully, introducing new elements slowly and subtly. Despite the blissful mood, ‘Contentment‘ avoids cliches or predictability. Instead, it strikes a careful balance, laying radiant melodies over cleverly sparse production.

The track is a glowing beacon from an intriguing new artist.

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  1. UNDERRATED SONG UNDERRATED ARTIST, literally obsessed with this song

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