Casual Sex – The Sound Of Casual Sex

The Tuesday after the Bank Holiday weekend is always a pain in the arse and ideally we all need something to wake us up.

I bring you Casual Sex. I could fill this piece with a barrage of innuendoes, but I will stick to the music.

Our Song of the Day is ‘The Sound of Casual Sex’ by Casual Sex. You could be mistaken that this was a punk outfit then you get these sudden bursts of melody. I don’t think a band of this style has excited me as much since Jonathan Fire*eater. With probing bass lines, jagged chords and a simply exciting sound this is and I am sorry to put this so plainly….FUCKING EXCELLENT. Whilst his song was uploaded 9 month ago, they are a band that are slowly, but surely starting to gig quite a bit and have new material.

I expect this band to be referenced to other artists a lot, but please do not be fooled by that. Casual Sex have built a foundation that certainly borrows from its predecessors, but they are in no way a miming band. This is top class.

Halina Rifai

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