Luke Sital-Singh – Dark

Luke Sital-Singh may be a familiar name to some of you. He is an artist that we have already featured as Song of the Day.

Today we pay tribute to his heart tugging track ‘Dark’. Luke has taken the simplest notion, inserted a gorgeous piano passage and hits a falsetto every so often that gives you goosebumps.

The undercurrent of tenderness in ‘Dark’ is one of the most poignant things about this track; however it is the overwhelming sadness that creates the most satisfaction. Sometimes the minor key is the most beautiful thing in the world and ‘Dark’ proves this.

Luke Sital-Singh is fast becoming one of my favourite new discoveries. This man writes such effortless songs that may not be deemed radically different yet tap into that part of your brain that wants to click play and repeat continuously and for me that is enough.

Heartbreak never sounded so good.

Halina Rifai

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