Siiga – Michelle (Seashell)

It is not often that our Song of the Day is the same artist more than once. Siiga is pretty much anonymous and he has just been popping up every now and then with the most intriguing and creative videos we have seen in some time.

The thought, care and love that come with each release is enough to make you want to dedicate a corner of your music library to him.

Today’s Song of the Day is ‘Michelle (Seashell)’ and a song that I describe as under the skin beauty. With sparse and atmospheric melodies Siiga creates swirls of emotion and has completely proved the theory ‘less is more’.

All I ask is that you actively listen to this to fully appreciate. The steady layering of vocals, percussion and dynamic guitar places this in its own unique world that is remote yet beautifully intimate.

The video that accompanies this song is notable. It contains footage taken from ‘Cruise to St Kilda and The Western Isles’, filmed by Ronald J. Lay in 1929 and adds an almost unexplainable breath of emotion when watching. The song fits the view perfectly and is entirely affecting.

I really hope people take note of this artist. His ethos and talent are both fascinating.

Halina Rifai

Michelle (Seashell) from Siiga on Vimeo.

For more information on Siiga including single download info please visit:

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