Best Of September

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in September for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

SPRINTS: The Cheek

The Dublin 4-piece is another addition to the incredible canon of new punk artists emerging from the city. Fuelled by real-life experiences, the discordance, fire and anger that drives this is brutal and beautiful in equal measure. Steered by its unbridled lead vocal, there’s a sincerity, force and poignancy that makes this shine. I cannot wait for their next caustic instalment. 

Kleerup Featuring AlunaGeorge: Lovers Table

Many will remember Kleerup from his Robyn collaboration and it’s with equal anticipation that I welcome his new partnership with the inimitable AlunaGeorge. Kleerup’s majestic beats and immaculate production always brings the best out of the artists he works with. With its heady hook-laden chorus and propulsive percussive underbelly, this has all the ingredients of a hit. 

Wintersleep: Free Fall

They remain one of the best and most underate bands to emerge from Canada. Their signature sound of melancholy, immediately identifiable vocal tones and plush guitar deliveries make you surrender to their sonic walls of sound each time. New release Free Fall employs all of these things and manages to still make them feel more mature and powerful. 

tye free: Flight Plan

The Brooklyn hip-hop artist delivers his prophetic lines with each and his cadence proves just as addictive. A strong document of a tremendously powerful new talent, there’s as much a poet here being showcased as there is a musician. He is on a notable journey and it will be fascinating to see how he develops. 

Per Störby Jutbring: Braids

Our first introduction to the Swedish composer and one that fuses electronic and organic seamlessly. Its emotionally charged string arrangement does well in combining with the full soundscape to create a stunning visual. This feels completely alive and manages to showcase notable dynamic effortlessly. He also employs a certain restraint in areas to let this breathe beautifully. 

Brevin Kim: somebody, some body

Simply put, this is how you do autotune. The brash Boston outfit have employed a unique sound that pushes sound and noise levels in an offensive way to create stunning power. This may feel simple in sound but its melodic highlights and sparseness are what makes it feel so special. This is a three-piece to keep a close eye and ear on. 

Cautious Clay: Erase

This is by far the finest release from the critically acclaimed artist. His output over the last two years has been breathtaking and his consistency within his artistry is an example to all. The combination of plush vocals, sweet hooks and beguiling melodies is the tip of the iceberg and its lyrical message is particularly relevant. Cautious Clay can do no wrong. 

LOVA: Daddy Issues

The Swedish pop singer-songwriter has managed to penetrate a very saturated field and emerge with an electro-pop banger. Hypnotically groove-laden, its chorus hook is rich and tender. This is a near-flawless single and a contender for one of the finest songs in its category this year. lOVA has a defiance that helps make this feel refreshing and inspiring. 

TAPE TRASH: Ghost Town

Norway’s reputation for producing some of the most exciting material in the modern music world continued with Tape Trash. Their latest single’s thrilling sonic background is made softer by a warming vocal canopy. They have transcended their influences and created a sumptuous melodious punch to the gut with added splintered guitars and sonic fervor.  

KING: Java ft Nega Brandon

The combination of faultless production, notable samples and a solid MCs makes this one of the most interesting hip-hop new kids on the block of late. Substantive and innovative this harks back to a style of old school hip-hop but does so in a refreshing way. It keeps the formulae but adds musical stimuli making it feel incredibly accomplished. 

Sacred Animals: Mono

Irish-based producer Darragh Nolan extols behaviour with as much detail as it provides a soundtrack to it. Its eccentricities are in abundance and that’s what makes it so special. Those quirks are injected with such power, skill and virtue that this needs repeated listening to get beneath its vast layering. This is challenging in the most welcome way. 

SCABZ: Feel Good Summer

Their influences are emblazoned on their sleeve but they do so by no compromising their own creativity. This is a relentless juggernaut of sound and one that displays notable clarity in its production. Thrillingly compelling, its unfiltered rawness is its highlight. The Australian outfit are untouchable and this is one of the finest punk offerings of the year. 

Prospa: Control The Party

The Leeds outfit continued to be one of our most blogged about bands with their highly addictive electro output. Unified, danceable and just plain slick, they create curiosity with their blazing production. The beatmakers are at the top of their game and this adds to an already impressive musical discography that shows no signs of slowing down. 

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