Best Of September

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in September for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Gleodream: Don’t Need You (Halftime Edit)

Some might say it’s impossible to move away from comparisons to the likes of Burial but we all must have our reference points. The UK producer has created an alternate sparseness speckled with pulsating deep bass sounds and otherworldly atmospherics. There’s a blurred feel to the song that further pinpoints its mysteriousness and thanks to the darkness created, this has many dimensions to discover. 

Emma Frank: Before You Go Away

Hailing from Brooklyn, Franks latest single creates an effortless intimacy that makes you feel as if you are almost trespassing in her world. Its blend of folk and indie is executed exquisitely and the thrust of openness in her lyrics and delivery introduces her with notable immediacy. It will be fascinating to see how she grows from here. 

Inhaler: Ice Cream Sundae

The Dublin quartet has penned and produce a solid anthem with their latest single. With a verse that builds to one of the most welcome chorus hooks of the year, this is sheer joy. The modern indie-pop heroes have managed to create something packed with romanticism and it feels almost kaleidoscopic thanks to its swirling melodies and opulent production.  

Celeste: Strange

The soul artist will have your spirit roused and your heart captured within the first 30 seconds of her latest release. With a delivery that feels as accomplished as some of music’s greats, ‘Strange‘ moves the listener through a series of emotions seamlessly. The sparseness of her instrumental is further testament to how beatific her vocal is. 

Basement Revolver: Wax & Digital

Following on from being one of our most featured artists of 2018, the Canadian shoegaze outfit continues their triumphant reign. The 4-piece have a knack of producing heart-hitting anthemic indie. Their perfectly structured ebbs and flows will let you rise and fall with each crescendo and silence. ‘Wax & Digital‘ will hold you in the palm of its hand and once charged, you will want to fly as high as it does sonically.  

Sharna Bass: Freestyle

North West London has been helped put on the map thanks to the vocal talents of Sharna Bass. Some may know her from her collaboration with Clean Bandit but she is, without doubt, an artist in her own right. Latest single Freestyle is a marriage of fathomless basslines, facile beats and her serene voice. Her potential is limitless and the promise shown here is incredible. 

anton. : galão

The Norwegian producer flourishes with his latest release showcasing a deluge of trap, profound bass licks and sampled vocals. It’s fascinating how beautifully melodic this is and there are some stunning melancholic passages which make this feel all the more poignant. Immerse yourself completely for this deserves heavy rotation. 

Sarah Isabella: Voodoo Child

The London-based singer-songwriter brings a sensational blend of contemporary R&B and neo-soul to our listening stream with her latest release. Her dreamy vocal meanders through a lucid sonic arrangement like a hot knife through butter. It’s artists like this who must be nurtured as they represent a quality of talent that is out of this world. 

BAILE: KWT Feat. K. Marie Kim

Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley aka BAILE employs the divine vocal talents of  K. Marie Kim on his latest release. A song that builds with notable layers and introduces numerous delightful sonic surprises. The production here is some of the finest and BAILE manages to pull the best out of each element. The result is a clarity of vision and something to savour in abundance. 

Zilo: Sweet Like

Another vocalist this month to shine brightly, the London artist’s contemporary R&B sound is pure silk. There is relentless invention like this that with the help of pristine production places a spotlight on talents like Zilo. This oozes its way through lulling vocals and shows impressive songwriting abilities. If this is what she is delivering now, it’s mindblowing to think what the next 5 years alone will bring. 

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