Best Of September

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in September for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Duckwrth: Crush

With its faultless production and lush vocal delivery, the multi-talented artist has emerged with sounds fit to inspire a full-body funk. This is spacious enough to let Duckwrth’s smooth tones manipulate what surrounds them and its contemporary pop-soul veins demonstrate why he is touring with the likes of Billie Eilish. It’s immaculate blending will have you hooked. 

LaKyoto: Wannabe

Our first introduction to the Edinburgh electro-pop 4-piece with exuberant single ‘Wannabe’. Deceptively consistent in sound, its indie influence manages to create a more organic and emotive production meaning there is something almost hedonistic here. There is something beautifully assured in its catchy pop licks and flourishing vocal falsetto. This continues the emergence of promising new musicians to come out of Scotland, I can’t wait to hear what’s next. 

Sc Ar: Flirt

There is little background on the Parisian producer but the second single from the forthcoming EP is a liberating slice of dubstep. Its electric soul is exhilarating and Sc Ar’s confident command over the arrangement is notable. His experimental tendencies add to the depth of this track and it shows a producer with a promising career ahead. 

RIIKI: One Day

The New Zealand impresario has revealed a memorable indie-pop ballad in ‘One Day’. Her vocal creates something more interesting and singular compared to other artists in the same field and soars effortlessly above its electro-indie underlay. There’s a richness to its overall arrangement that feels atmospheric and intoxicating. 

Le Son: Madness

London duo Emily Ady and Liam Fergus’s latest release ‘Madness‘ is stark and superb in equal measure. Endlessly absorbing and utterly riveting, there’s a soothing intensity to its production and it draws you in bar after bar. Its gradual build makes it feel elaborately layered making it feel packed full of life. 

Trentemøller: Try A Little

Copenhagen’s Anders Trentemøller teams up with the sublime vocal talents of Warpaint’s Jenny Lee. Anthemic and victorious, the attention to detail in its production alone is brilliant. Lee’s vocal works wonderfully in augmenting the dark, ethereal nature of the song. It’s dynamic transitions, full-bodied basslines and indelible topline melodies are the icing on the cake. 

Tom Tripp: Ring

With an already impressive musical precursor to this release, Trip manages to combine contemporary and traditional sound effortlessly. Its slick electronic production marries impeccably with gorgeous gospel backing and creates a potent drench of soul to quench any thirst. This is a triumphant, hook-laden anthem. 

Abbie Ozard: On A Low

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Ozard shows splendid spirit in her latest release. A blend of interweaving melodies and idiosyncratic production techniques make this stand out against similar peers. There’s real intelligence in her songwriting whilst this still manages to tap into what we know and love about indie-pop. The heartache at the core of its lyrics and meaning is what heightens is further. 

Karen Harding X Wh0: I Don’t Need Love

The Newcastle singer teams up with the mysterious duo. A euphoric addition to the current EDM roster and one that packs in a stunning amount of drive and pulsating depth. This is a blissful joy ride and one that will no doubt saturate many a club playlist. Its production masterwork will do everything to move you from zero to ten.

Mr Dry: All The Time

The bold production on ‘All The Time’ is its heartbeat and its astounding dynamism is further added to by various nuances within its layering. Despite its reliance on the electronic, it still manages to inject a human warmth. This operates on a subconscious level and draws you into a world where you are willing to let yourself go. 

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