Best Of October

Best Of October

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in October for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Beau Diako: Flutter ft. Raelee Nikole

British producer Beau Diako teams up with Southern Californian native Raelee Nikole on his latest production. This is a deceiving sonnet, it may appear fragile on the surface but as you delve deeper there is a confidence and solid backbone particularly when it comes to the musicianship on display. It’s topline musical structure moves between improvisation and whimsy but maintains a precise percussive narrative. This is sublime. 

Holdan: Come on My Way

The Floria Native has managed to penetrate a saturated field thanks to his deeply emotive vocal delivery. The song’s rolling guitar lines may not be groundbreaking but this is a song to connect with on so many levels. The intimacy you gain on an aural level is priceless and its cinematic production takes you to heights far beyond your expectation. 

Molina: Parasito

With unrequited love at the centre of her lyrics, Danish artist Molina takes bedroom pop in a wonderful unorthodox direction. There is no definitive form to the song’s structure and it feels more like different movements pieced together which is its highlight. Molina is a talent impossible to ignore and she takes the mundane and propels it to a place that’s both bewitching and thought-provoking. 

Dakat: BLOOM

The French producer returns with an avant-garde electronic gem. Thanks to its deep basslines and eclectic topline vocal samples, this transports you to and otherworldly place. A masterclass in production, ‘BLOOM’ takes your breath away, the subtleties it holds work well with its almost languid tempo giving way to an effortless build and surprisingly emotional listen. 

KIALLA: Kotton Kandy

The Chicago duo has you in the palm of their hand from the first drop. The Russian-Iranian hip-hop duo inject a strong dose of drum & bass into their shady world. A stark production, ‘Kotton Kandy’ is a call to the darkness that you crave. Flawless and endlessly absorbing, its intensity is so ridiculously addictive that you will be hard pushed not to hit play again once this ends. This is one of the finest tracks of 2019. 

Ogenblik: Daffodil

Kildare’s Gregor Ruigrok aka Ogenblik has an already impressive musical CV having remixed for the likes of Max├»mo Park, Cast Of Cheers and more. His latest release is a genre-bender which is a testament to his stunning production skills. There may be a heavy computerized element but he still manages to make this feel wonderfully organic thanks to the richness in the vocal layering and harmonies. ‘Daffodil‘ will no doubt introduce him to a big new audience. 

Cairo Liberation Front: Basha

Fronted by Iraqui-born vocalist Bagdaddy, the outfit manages to fuse Andalusian underpinnings with trip-hop overlays. They do this with effortlessly and the result is something that feels remarkably refreshing but strangely nostalgic. There’s a futuristic sheen to ‘Basha‘ and the maelstrom they have created will hopefully consume you and take you somewhere deeply rewarding. 

Sharna Bass: Worth It

Fast becoming one of my favourite new artists of the year, the North West Londoner releases another taster from her upcoming EP Beautiful Chaos to be released in January 2020. Bass’s vocal acts as its own instrument and provides solace and comfort in its own right. The production on her tracks is executed in a way that it lets her vocal breathe and it’s so satisfying to have a new artist to invest in on this level. 

Jim and Sam: Saturday Night (Low)

Vocally, this has a dynamic and delivery that takes it somewhere memorable. Combined with beatific production and a kaleidoscopic arrangement, this will become the equivalent of a sonic friend. Poetic in its songwriting, this is intimate but also has a surprising melancholy which creates an added dimension. This is wondrous. 

Diamond Thug: The Woods

Included on our forthcoming New Music Podcast, the South African dream-pop outfit are at the top of their game. An enthralling production, its lead vocal almost melds with its ardent sonic arrangement making our obsession with this all the greater. It’s easy to see why Diamond Thug are so widely acclaimed and ‘The Woods’ is pure sophistication. 

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