Best Of July

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Reuben James: Burn

Taken from his debut EP Adore, the neo-soul R&B star’s vocal flows effortlessly around stunning melodic rivulets in this sonic taster. An intelligent arrangement, the musicianship speaks for itself and its strong jazz backing feels as fresh as your first venture into improvisation. Sit back and let this wash over you. 

Aaron Smith: Unspoken

Having gained comparisons to the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Rag’n’Bone Man already, the young Scot has an undeniable vocal talent. The naked arrangement means that Smiths’ vocal feels almost Accapella. The depth in his voice and the maturity on show is startling in terms of potential. This is a star in the making. 

Kodamilo: Deep End

Kodamilo is the full package – producer, songwriter, performer. His latest offering may hint towards similar artists within his field but he has managed to hit a melodic sweet spot here. An exercise in catharsis, Deep End is a stunning production of electronica and R&B and this throws up an endearing performance. 

Vilde: Mind The Puddles

A consummate creative talent, Vilde has always managed to make every single offering feel unique. There’s an openness to his vocal which means that any notable production, deep-seated sonic textures, and melodic movements will always sit perfectly under his voice. This is Vilde’s finest release to date and one that will remind existing fans exactly why they stay devoted. 

Ashley Henry: Between The Lines

The London-based impresario already has a notable music CV and many will be thankful that the spotlight is now shining on him A glorious blend of jazz, R&B and hip hop, there’s a real honesty that shines in his lyrics and delivery. The creativity, improvisation and even poetry shown feels as if Henry has been around for decades. It feels almost like a body of work within one song and if this is the tip of the iceberg, it’s staggering to think what will come next. 

KiddSpectro: Galaxy (feat. K Jae)

A subtle progression throughout, this creeps up on you in the most heavenly way. K Jae’s vocal fits perfectly with understated electronica and this doesn’t deliver to a niche audience. Instead, it’s commercial appeal combined with progressive influences gives it mass appeal. This is a producer passionately in touch with their influences and confident in their craft. 

Petticoat: Fantasy

David Halsey aka Petticoat has consistently pioneered his own craft and has evolved notably as a producer and performer over the last year in particular. Creating beat-heavy, intoxicating electro-pop, this has its quirks. Thematically, it sets itself apart from other electronic artists and contradicts conventional commercial formulas. 

Rob Simenson: Coeur

Taken from his solo debut Réveries, the (Neo) Classical composer has mastered the art of creating visions through sound. He is able to move from hushed intimacy to expansive crescendoes effortlessly. His subtle chord changes dictate emotional changes and you can feel every intention in his craft. Simenson is in a league of modern composers who inspire.  

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