Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Lily Kershaw: Now & Then

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter emerges from the popular field of acoustic folk like a phoenix. A talent impossible to ignore, Kershaw’s vocal shines bright. Entrancing and beguiling, she makes this feel timeless and comforts the listen with her intimacy. It’s hard not to be awed by a delivery so affecting and its simplicity is its greatest gift. 


Propsa: Back To The Motherland

Propsa have been a refreshing addition to the dance landscape and their callback to 80s/90s techno and breakbeat has been effortless in its resurrection. A replayable, rich and vitalizing odyssey, there’s a continued intelligence shown in their songwriting and production and this further cements them as an outfit to shine a spotlight on. 

Moon Palace: Who You Are

Taken from the Seattle outfits new album Shadowland, Who You Are is a gorgeous lo-fi passage through waves of shoegaze and dynamic indie rock. There is something wonderfully hypnotic about the deep basslines and warming vocal canopies. Dazzling guitar licks sparkle amongst the running atmospherics and this shows firm musical promise. 

CocoRosie: Lamb & the Wolf

A welcome return from the genre-defying sister duo, this once again highlights the duo’s trademark idiosyncratic performance. This ups the ante and injects hip-hop, trip-hop, and breakbeat influences. Aurally hypnotising, this summons a more animated exploit and one that places them in the same pioneering field as the likes of Björk, Thom Yorke and others. 

Winona Oak: Break My Broken Heart

The Swedish native is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about new electro-pop artists on the block. The stars have aligned with her latest single and this is a fully realised and captivating production that shows confliction in love and life. The welcome orchestral electro-pop backing makes this soar to new heights and this will transport you to a heavenly viewpoint. 

Dragonfruit: Some Say (ft. Triomphe)

Rotterdam’s Dragonfruit channel R&B, hip-hop and soul in an accomplished fusion. An ultimately beautiful single that lets the lead vocal sit perfectly in its top tier. Even the more computerised aspects of the track fit perfectly with its aesthetic and the complex layering and faultless production shown make this worthy of all your attention. 


The South London rapper & producer reveals a taster from his debut mixtape Deep The Night. He is doing what he was made to do. Channelling countless influences including dancehall hip-hop and R&B, there’s a craft on show here. There’s also a musicality shining here which sometimes feels lost on other rap records. There’s a fearlessness in his delivery but also fierce messages of love and light in his lyrics. This hits the heart and head hard. 

Rachel K Collier: Faith Over Fear

Collier has become one of our most played artists at Podcart over the last two years. A production force of nature, she just gets stronger and more impressive with every release. She has a real gift for penning anthemic electro-pop but there’s a real intelligence to her music. There are familiar contours to her music, but just as you get comfortable, she emerges with another banger. Collier is a new visionary and someone that is paving the way for new young producers to look towards. 

Lauren Faith: Jheeze (Sam Wills Remix)

Another addition to the quite frankly astounding new school of Neo-Soul and production stalwarts flowing through the sonic ranks. There’s a vocal swagger and ambitious depth of sound on show here. It feels mature, confident and a brilliant draft of what’s to come. This is promising and completely satisfying in equal measure. 

Shikoswe: Swimming

The Norwegian alternative singer-songwriter emerges with sunny guitar and synth lines and a vocal that delivers a lush sweetness. Our introduction to Shikoswe is both contemplative and endearing and there’s a melancholic joy which underpins the entire indie ballad. Packed with charm, we cannot wait to see what’s next. 

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