Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

ALA.NI: Differently

The Parisian native is now London-based and with the announcement of her new album ACCA out in January, excitement is building based on this teaser. As colourful in its production and delivery as it is thanks to its kaleidoscopic video, the vocal sampling, percussive layering and slow, steady build draw you into her world with ease. With an almost tribal underbelly, this is a powerful revelation and points towards a new star. 

SHY FX: Original Nuttah 25

The 25th anniversary and still as relevant now as it was then. With a resurgence of drum & bass and jungle, this is a masterclass in production and delivery. Impressive, intriguing and a progressive record, it was one of the defining anthems of my drum & bass introduction and still propels that heartrate as soon as you hit play. 

Cobrayama & Gibbz: Kick It With You (feat. Recess)

The 3rd single to be taken from the long-player, In Mid Air, the choir of melodies alone makes this feel exceptionally rich in sound. R&B meets Neo-Soul meets jazz and they all borrow from one another in ways that make this feel completely innovative. The vocal harmonies hit like a chorus of horns and before you know it, you’re hitting play again. A spellbinding delivery and a song worth absorbing over countless listens.

Habstrakt: The One

A thrilling and seamless mash-up of pumping beats, deep basslines and high-octane vocal samples. Compulsively listenable, this stands out in a saturated field thanks to its gargantuan production and throwback influences. 

Petite Meller: Aeroplane

Accompanied by one of the year’s most striking videos, Meller has delivered a melodic earworm. Hook-laden, high-octane and relentlessly joyous, there was clearly a conceptual vision here and it shows. Strange, satisfying and a listening experience that is surprising and fresh.

Joviale: Storm (Rare Silk cover)

The North Londoner has a wonderfully intriguing take on this cover. There’s a fragility yet confidence and it feels more like a soundscape than a song. Joviale’s vocal is luminous and shines wonderfully over a transparent and catchy percussive-heavy instrumental. Haunting in parts, its quieter atmospherics amplify its beauty. 

Chisara Agor: Anything

The self-taught multi-instrumentalist brings a discerning, lavish and elegant sense of atmosphere. Her vocal lifts this song to lofty heights and this is an intelligent song with a clear message and gorgeous delivery. This never feels tired or laboured, but blooming with melodic vitality and passion. 

Symone Royale: Too Good

Paired with a beauteous video, the sequencer rivulets that underpin the song are a perfect base for Royale’s opulent vocal to rest upon. It’s propulsive back section does everything to make you move in tandem with its pulse and this is the perfect song that calls back to stalwarts like Destiny’s Child in the most respectful way. 

Elisabeth Elektra: Obsidian

Taken from her debut album Mercurial, the songstress is notable both sonically and visually. Elektra has a unique gift of merging classical vocals with more modern production and this is without a doubt her finest release to date. A chorus that lifts the heart, there’s an emotional power that drives Obsidian and the sum of its parts creates something unforgettable. 

Faodail: Nostos (Returning)

Callan Marchetti has evolved into a fantastic talent and one that shows the pristine pool of electronic talent north of the border. The Scottish producer continues his output of well-crafted soundscapes and this is a highly effective and heavenly framework. He manages to outshine some of the bigger producers on the block and his connection with nature is represented beautifully through the atmospherics and textures of his music. 

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