Best Of July

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in January for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Aster: Cool Luminescence

The Glasgow singer-songwriter has honed a remarkably accomplished sound given she is still in her infancy and her folk roots flow effortlessly through her latest single. Providing an intriguing alternative backdrop, this has set the foundations of truly substantial talent with fascinating levels of nuance.

frogi: Time

A self-confessed song about heartbreak, Chicago native frogi has delivered her thoughtful new single with aplomb. Its breathtaking vocal production manages to breathe hope, love, light, and pain. A compelling listen, you will want to live with this for a long time. 

Fell Runner: Talking

The LA-based quartet’s latest single is just over 2 minutes of unadulterated joy. Its youthful exuberance is thanks to ostentatious vocals, heady guitar riffs, and a prevailing percussive heartbeat. Resistance is futile and this is a band on a mission. 

Eydís Evensen: Stormasamt Kvöld

Post-classical composer and classical pianist Eydís Evensen channels her Icelandic roots into her craft and her latest release gravitates more towards the melancholy side of its melody. She manages to keep a restraint which makes her performance all the more affecting. A transportative movement, Evenson has a gift of soothing busy minds with a lulling arrangement. 

Gardens Of Capri: Let Go

California-native Amy Elizabeth Jarrett and her German partner Julian Scharpf’s brilliantly realised latest release is expertly executed lo-fi pop perfection. With one of the simplest yet memorable hooks of the year so far, there are so many understated charms on show here and this will become one of your favourite earworms. 

Press Club: Thinking About You

The impact this band has made within the last year, in particular, is nothing short of inspiring. They have now hit UK music fans and press hard with many agreeing how deserved it is. The Melbourne alternative-punks are driven by Natalie Foster’s unforgettable powerhouse vocals and this is yet another song to augment an already impressive catalogue. 

Hether: When U Loved Me

The first release from Paul Castelluzzo aka Hether and a stunning modern ballad underpinned by great songwriting. Executed beautifully, there’s something fascinating in its delivery and production.  Speckled with atmospheric nuances and plush melodic layers, this occupies its own corner of the music world where everyone should take the time to visit. 

Of Monsters and Men: Alligator

The Icelandic quintet is a force of nature and their return is soundtracked by a high-spirited juggernaut. Soaring choruses, compelling vocals and a masterclass in anthemic writing, this will be sung through bursting lungs in bedrooms, cars and concert halls. 

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