Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Neil Athale: This Is Home

The British-Indian composer makes his debut with the evocative piece, ‘This Is Home’. Burrowing under your skin with notable beauty, this is an experience to actively seek out. Conjuring images of early morning waters and birds in flight caressing the skies as silhouettes, this is stunning. 

Teenage Wedding: Wow! Signal 

The Canada-based quintet emerges with a song that will hit your replay list. Packed with optimism, this is a melodically rich journey through indie and pop weaving effervescence together with an effortless delivery. 

Kingsbury: Blurry Now

The Florida native has managed to establish herself as one of the most exciting new pop kids on the block. Shining brightly on her own, the chanteuse pens party songs with heart at the nucleus of them. This is not only smart in sound but more importantly, human. 

Alexander Vincent: Free Myself

When it comes to production values, you will be hard pushed to find someone surpass what you are about to experience with Vincent’s latest juggernaut. Crushing, swooning synths embody a vocal so rich, it feels like a thick cream bath. This is a wide-ranging electronic beast and one that will leave you breathless. 

Belaver: Grave Robber

NYC-based singer-songwriter Belaver has little back catalogue, but that doesn’t take away from how strikingly accomplished his sound is. The simmering glow of the deep-bodied synths that blanket his slacker vocal is a stroke of genius. There is a beautiful marriage of electronic and organic here and when his arresting vocals take effect, this feels radical. 

RHAIN: Time Traveller

Isle of Wight native RHAIN has received notable praise from industry tastemakers. Here is an artist that relies on sheer talent. This is a tour so vast melodically that you feel fixated. Her vocal nuances provide enough storytelling to take you to every nook and cranny of her thoughts leaving you floored. 


MH Delorme, aka FOXTROTT has penned one of my top 10 of the year. I have reached embarrassing numbers in terms of replays with this. Few songs can remind you of Destiny’s Child, Fafanu and Bonobo all in one sitting. The chorus is a lush braiding of exquisite vocal harmonies that wash over you in the most welcome way. She has condensed so much style and skill into one song, it becomes almost overwhelming. This is compelling and addictive. 

Grace Gillespie: Lady Make Believe

Hailing from Devon, the now London-based singer-songwriter’s introduction to us is a sumptuous labyrinthine melodic odyssey and one that perfectly showcases her flawless vocal. Its depth alone is a welcome escape from reality and the result makes it impossible to ignore. 

Hero Fisher: If I Die And Nothing Happens 

The London-based has an impressive fanbase ranging from Blur to The Horrors and more. It all becomes clear when you enter her dark and symbolic world. This is an entrancing and wonderfully surprising song with an abundance of arresting moments. Spacy timbres and complex percussive lines create a distinct world ready for the taking. 

Haru Nemuri: Kick In The World

This is Japanese pop on a whole different level. The intelligence in the songwriting here is a blessing. The stark shifts between poetry and stunning blasts of alternative punk are delightfully bizarre. Prepare yourself for the floodgates to open and a crushing melodic math rock wave to topple you. 

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