Best Of August

Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Giant Boys: Clap Your Hands

This feels like a celebration from the Salford-based punk-rock duo. With marvellous grit in their delivery, barbaric guitar riffs and vocal gusto, there’s a sincerity here and it’s not just a tokenistic addition to the UK rock catalogue. This is both primal and brilliant. 

Alpines: Out Of View

The London-duo manage to call back to stunning chilled out electronic from the past such as The Beloved. This is stark as it is superb and the trip-hop underbelly pinning together dreamy atmospherics and Catherine Pockson’s charming vocal is perfection. There is a feeling of comfort here and amongst all the synthesised elements is a real human touch. 

machineheart: Do You Love

The LA-based Seattle natives have gained quite the following thanks to their distinctive and accomplished musicianship. Their latest single is something to keep the mainstream interesting. There’s a fragility and passion in every aspect of this and any fans of well-crafted, folk rock with heart at its core should fully indulge in this. 

Caoilfhionn Rose: Awaken

The Mancunian songwriter and producer is triumphant in creating something so delicate yet dilatant in sound. Her vocal is a vital canopy over an at times erratic musical score and it does wonders in sewing the sum of its parts up. This is an indication of how far she still has in terms of growth as an artist. 

Paul Smith: Silver Rabbit

Let’s get the Maxïmo Park things out of the way, there is no getting away from Smith’s signature vocal, but there is so much more to this. This is a short, sharp shock to the system. “Oh no, I couldn’t watch it fall” are delivered with such unexpected emotion that they catch you unaware leaving you lightheaded and emotional. This is a worthy addition to his endless discography of talent. 

Basement Revolver: Heavy Eyes

With one of the most anticipated albums to date for us about to be release, Basement Revolver continue to obliterate anyone else on the same path. The title track taken from the album of the same name reveals less emotion that previous singles and this is dark, staunch alternative rock on their terms. An immediately gratifying blast of abrasion that confirms again that this band can do no wrong. 

Kan Wakan: Unlucky

Bulgarian-born, L.A.-based producer and composer Kan Wakan has a real gift for getting the most out of various stylistic elements that he applies to his music. This taster from his forthcoming album injects trip-hop, distinctive orchestral scoring and even funk & soul within its bones. Combined with Elle Olsun’s glorious vocal, you have a winner. 

Bishop Briggs: Baby

Thanks to her almost novelty stage name, Sarah Grace McLaughlin aka Bishop Briggs has gained a lot of interest in Scotland, especially of late. Her latest epic anthem is ambitious in sound and delivered seamlessly. This hits on a fundamental level when it comes to love, but the fierceness with which it’s delivered with lyrically is what sets it apart from some of the purer pop songs out there. 

Campdogzz: On My Own

Similar to Basement Revolver, Campdogzz have been putting out consistently fascinating music. Their latest single has tinges of Americana amongst the blazing alternative rock canvas they have painted. This is a radically inspired lesson in stunning musicianship. 

Sometime Sonny: Have A Heart

The Ozzie collective have produced a chorus that you will have you using every ounce of energy to push down the tears that will ensure. The intimate details painted here are glorious thanks to exquisite poetic lyrical imagery. This is honest storytelling accompanied with one of the finest melodic hooks of the year. 

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