From me to You: From Musicians For Musicians

From me to You: From Musicians For Musicians

Singer-songwriter, Roxanne de Bastion has quite the impressive musical CV. Having supported the likes of Lambchop and released an exceptionally well-received album, Heirlooms & Hearsay last year, it doesn’t just stop at pushing her own career, but also aiding others.

From me to You is the brainchild of the chanteuse and one that has built itself a notable reputation when it comes to focusing on the musician. Panels can often be a mixed bag and will combine various sectors of the music industry which can be an excellent learning curve for those behind the scenes, but musicians might not get the specific answers they are looking for. De Bastion explained what inspired her to start the event:

“I got asked to speak at a panel as a token musician and once you get asked to do you get asked to do quite a few. It wasn’t that is wasn’t interesting, I just felt it had very little to do with my honest reality of making music as an independent artist. I know plenty of artists that do what I do and thought it would be really nice to have an honest and helpful debate about what it’s like.”

Now in its 5th year, From me to You makes its debut in Glasgow thanks to funding from Help Musicians UK. What makes it different from the other music industry events though? “It’s from and for the artist and their point of view so all the panels are chaired by musicians so that ensures the direction of the conversation is a relevant one, instead of one question being for the artist, the whole event is”, she explains.

With heart-warming support in its infancy from the likes of Stevie Wonder’s manager, Keith Harris and the likes of then MD of Virgin Records John “Webbo” Webster who also is the co-creator of Now What I Call Music and helped devise the Mercury Music Prize, there have been some impressive industry speakers. With the addition of musicians such as Imogen Heap and Bryde (who also will be speaking in Glasgow this year) in the past, it has also enticed artists to lend their expertise.

The types of conversations that have taken place in the past have also helped challenge some of the more convoluted questions, “There are less smoke and mirrors, you know if you go to a panel and you hear from an A&R or a manager saying things like “just go and write a better song and come back” it’s all well and good on paper, it sounds like good advice, but it’s just not helpful. From me to You assumes you are a good songwriter and the conversations that we have are more along the lines of, well what exactly is the difference? How much of your own PR can you do? When should you consider getting a plugger? And so on. It’s not just for independent artists, if you are signed then you are more than welcome. It’s much more about empowering artists to be part of a community with like-minded people and also to make sure you have all the knowledge so you are in driving seat of your career.”

With Glasgow’s first event being held at The Old Hairdressers on 1st September, it presents a valuable opportunity for musicians to attend and ask questions directly.

The day’s programming is as follows:


And the panellists are as follows:

A notable presence is Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite. He is part of one of the most impressive bands to come out of Scotland and an artist that has done things on his own terms. He is also one of the people behind label Rock Action Records which has helped breathe new life into Scottish music. His skills extend to film scoring, collaborations and more.  This is an ideal opportunity to find out his story and to gain some tips.

The passion behind this event is clear and with de Bastion having built up a remarkable network that serves not only herself but those around her, From me to You makes it clear that this has community at the heart of its endeavours.

From me to You takes place on Saturday, 1st September at The Old Hairdressers. Tickets are only £10 and are limited.

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