Best Of June

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Active Bird Community: ‘Unwind With Me’

Formed in 2005, the NYC quartet will hit hearts hard with their latest offering. Humane, grand and no punches pulled, this is dynamic, emotional indie rock for the dreamers. It’s like having a conversation with the old friends in lofty alternative music from previous years but still manages to make you want to clasp and beat your chest with adoration and thanks.

CLOTHES: ‘Night Sweats’

There’s something exceptionally personal amongst the intensity and passion on show here. The Mississippi outfit boasts an outstanding melodic hook surrounded by the alt-rock package that surrounds it. There’s a naivety on show here that makes it endearing, nostalgic and utterly beguiling.

Benedikt: ‘Havana Nights’

The Canadian multi-disciplinarian has created a score both arresting and unsettling. It is obvious that he has given his entirety to his craft and this seeps through seamlessly in this latest release. The pangs of heartache punctuate this and out of it all comes a glorious performance that showcases an exciting artist.

CRi: ‘Friends In Secret’ 

The Canadian producer is one of the most exciting new electronic kids on the block. He manages to add so much colour into his productions and creates beats and loops laden with human touch. This is catchy, euphoric, progressive and will be on heavy rotation for months to come.

Another Sky: ‘Avalanche

A moment of honesty now. There are times as a music blogger/writer that the overwhelming feeling to give up is almost unbearable. It was thanks to bands like Another Sky that I felt the need to keep going. Catrin Vincent’s vocal is one of the finest voices to emerge of late and has a richness that takes this to another level. With the subject of toxic masculinity at its core, this ignites a fire within that is not only phenomenal musically,  but visually, the video to accompany this masterpiece is incredibly special.


The post-punk London 5-piece have created something irresistible here. A nod to seminal bands such as Bauhaus, Joy Division and more, this is deliciously dark in its atmospherics and its staunch percussive backbone mean its wailing guitar top lines can meander around a sombre vocal. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Okay Champ: ‘William Tell’

Between its forboding solid drum centrepiece and John Edgar’s disconcerting vocal performance, this again illustrates why Okay Champ are one of the most interest alternative punk bands of late. There are no frills here, it is simply full-on muscular rock with addictive melodic undertones. This is textural, addictive and completely addictive.

Kingsbury: ‘All Gone’

Simply put, this is one of the finest pop songs of 2018 thus far. Kingsbury’s vocal makes the hairs on my arms not only stand, but dance. The hook on this song is deliriously beautiful and this is a song to thrust you to a place of unadulterated happiness, but also one to share with those closest to you.

Bria Lee: ‘Purple Clouds’

This is one of the year’s most enjoyable R&B tracks. Yes, the production is faultless, but Lee’s vocal is a blessing making this completely irresistible. There is an engaging personae on show here with a diversity in its sonic core that makes this stand head and shoulders above its peers.

Indigo De Souza: ‘Good Heart’

The Asheville trio might be billed as a garage-pop band, but there is something far deeper here. This conjures intimacy and heartache. The dynamic vocal achievement on this record alone is something that will stay with you, but it’s also a song that will make you feel vulnerable in the most magical sense.

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