ymprl: ‘Leap (feat. Victor Aithen)’

ymprl: ‘Leap (feat. Victor Aithen)’

Producer ymprl has collaborated with fellow Bulgarian producer Victor Aithen on recently released lo-fi house track “Leap.”

The track exhibits the producers’ shared self-assured approach for their craft is a testament to their growing stature within the electronic music scene.

From the first few seconds, it is apparent that “Leap” is meticulously crafted. The lo-fi aesthetic adds a layer of texture that makes the track feel familiar yet surprisingly poignant. 

The percussive elements are a standout feature of “Leap.” The bubbling beats in tandem with the atmospheric twinkles in its peripheral sequencing create a beautiful listening experience. The rhythmic elements are layered and complex, creating an intricate soundscape that begs to be explored.

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