Rohaan: ‘Musket (feat. Flowdan)’

Rohaan: ‘Musket (feat. Flowdan)’

UK producer Rohaan has teamed up with London grime artist on intense gem ‘Musket’.

A high-energy showcase of the duo’s talent and a testament to their dedication to their fields, this seamlessly fuses multiple genres. 

From the first beat, this sets the tone for what’s to come. The intense beats are layered with aggressive sequencing and creates a sonic assault. Flowdan’s distinctive vocal style adds to the intensity of the track, with his vocal command delivering sharp and incisive rhymes.

Fast-paced beats and frenetic drum patterns create a frenzied energy that is perfectly in tune with the wider track. 

Production-wise, each element is carefully balanced to create stunning cohesion. Its distortion and saturation add texture and notable depth to the track, giving ‘Musket’ a rawness that’s perfectly in tune with its approach. 

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