Yarni: ‘Red Meander’

Yarni: ‘Red Meander’

Yarni‘s pulsating new single ‘Red Meander‘ is a euphoric explosion of kinetic energy.

Clocking in at a propulsive 140bpm, this melodic slice of techno is underpinned by swinging UK garage rhythms that beckon feverishly to the dancefloor.

Though the Sheffield musician and producer is largely self-taught, his mastery of melancholy melody shines through effortlessly. With ‘Red Meander’, Yarni mines his dance music influences to craft an infectious anthem. Sweeping synth lines coast over the racing beat, accented by minimal vocal samples and unexpected nuances.

The track is a bold new chapter for the ever-evolving artist, who continues to expand his sonic palette and is a testament to his creative spirit and lifelong journey of artistic self-discovery.

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