Alyssa Grace: ‘Care for Yourself’

Alyssa Grace: ‘Care for Yourself’

With her emotive new single ‘Care For Yourself’, rising singer-songwriter Alyssa Grace continues to share her personal stories through cathartic songcraft.
Grace displays wisdom beyond her years as she explores personal hurdles in this affecting piano ballad. Her intimate lyrics encourage self-acceptance and inner strength, reminding listeners to care for themselves even in darkness.

Grace’s crystalline vocals shine with compassion over a solemn musical backing, evoking her folk-pop contemporaries. Yet her sincere, unguarded delivery makes the song feel refreshing. Since first picking up guitar and writing songs at 11, Grace has honed her skills as a melody maker and lyricist. ‘Care For Yourself’ highlights her emotional depth and honesty as a songwriter.

The sparse production lets her message take centre stage rather than mask it behind ornate instrumentation. Like her earlier empowerment anthems, this latest single proves Grace can turn the darkest moments into resonant art. 

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