United Fruit

United Fruit are the next on our hit list of bands to keep a very close eye on in 2011 and beyond. Having provided one of best live experiences of 2010 at Wickerman Festival’s Solus Tent they would probably have to be named a summer highlight.

The 4 member band have always been close to our hearts in terms of their music and their EP ‘Mistress, Reptile Mistress!’ was one of the most spun things on our playlist. Having started to gain a very solid presence on the live circuit and the critics starting to prick their ears up it is only a matter of time before you will be all salivating as much as us.

With notable tracks such as ‘Push It’ is like being inside a beautiful nightmare. It is all consuming and all sense of self is lost in utter debauchery.

We caught up with United Fruit’s Bassist Marco Panagopoulos to find out what is in store for the band this month, what bands they recommend and also the subject of sex wee.

Halina: What have you been up to since the last time we chatted?

Marco: We have been playing wonderful shows around Scotland as well as getting to know our fantastic new drummer Ross Jenkins who has been helping us write some new tunes also.

H: Are there still plans for an album, if so can you tell us anything about it?

M: Oh yes, we are still in talks with a couple of labels about the release of the album and we should know what direction we are going with it in the next couple of weeks. Either way, the album will be available in the next few months for you wonderful people to hopefully enjoy and once we get all organised on that, a launch as well as a tour will be booked and mayhem will be caused.

H: We hear your gig at Bloc for the Detour gang was bloody awesome? What the fuck happened?

M: Firstly, thank you for your kind words. We were very excited about playing the Detour birthday gig as we had heard a lot about those fellas and what they were doing. They are such a joy to work with and we just really wanted to pour our hearts out into the performance/songs to give their night the impact it deserved. There was a really awesome atmosphere in Bloc on that faithful night and a lot of dancing, rocking out and fun was had.

We played a gig on the 17/12, about a month after for Crag Carrick’s leaving do, it was the craziest thing we had ever witnessed. Glasses being smashed left, right and centre, bodies flying everywhere, blood sweat and maybe a little tears, mostly blood and sweat though. The gig ended with Crag and Iskandar almost killing Ross by jumping into the drum kit whilst the mayhem commenced in front of the stage, was fucking ridiculous and really, really fun. Obviously the Detour gang were getting stuck in, as per.

H: Any plans to do a tour and if so will you be venturing outside of Scotland?

M: Well we are waiting to hear back from the labels before we go ahead and book anything, we don’t see any point in going ahead and booking shows all over the place if a label are just going to come back to us and say they have different plans. Either way we are planning to tour as extensively as possible all through the year. 2011 is going to be a busy one.

H: Have you any new band recommendations for our readers/listeners?

M: Daughters Latest self titled album is incredible, it’s a shame they have recently split after making one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. Citizens new EP is outstanding, so rocking and the production is crisp. Pensioner, Verse Metrics, Bronto Skylift, Mr Peppermint, Barberos, Prelude To The Hunt, Otherpeople, Hey Enemy, Boycotts, The Retrofrets, Conquering Animal Sound and many many more. We are playing a gig in the 13th Note on the 14th of February with two bands from Brighton, Illness and P For Persia, they are unbelievable and everyone should come down to check them out!

H: Can you please use the term ‘sex wee’ in a sentence?

M: “Nothing like a 5 minute long sex wee after another 24 hour orgy party up at Max Mosley’s house.”

H: What does the rest of 2011 hold for you?

M: 2011 is going to be filled with high octane gigs all over the country as well as Europe hopefully. Our album will be released and we are going to start recording our next one! Like I said it’s going to be a very busy one, and we can’t wait.

You find the aforementioned EP ‘Mistress, Reptile Mistress!’ below. We highly recommend you listen!

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