Interview: Edith Bowman

Interview: Edith Bowman

Edith Bowman is one of the friendliest and most passionate women you could hope to meet in the music industry. She has a wealth of musical and film knowledge and there are absolutely no airs or graces about the woman.

Ally Burton caught up with the lady herself in a quick fire interview to find out more about her loves in life!

Q: You have carved a remarkably successful and varied career in music media. What would your top advice be to those wishing to enter a career in broadcasting in the industry as it is now?

A: Don’t take no for an answer. If you believe in what you want to do, yourself and your ability then by working hard you can do it. It sounds very cheesy but that is what I believe. Also don’t ‘expect,’ a quick fix, if you put the work in you will reap the benefits.
Q: Where do you get your new music from … are there particular podcasts or music blogs that you would recommend?

A: It comes in from everywhere to be honest and there just isn’t enough time to get through everything because i have quite a lot on the go. I really try and get through everything. Promos that come in via Radio 1, Emails, Tweets, people at gigs in the street. But you can’t pay anyone to listen to things for you. As much as friends sometimes have similar tastes to you, no one can mimic your reaction to something.

Q: Do you ever get frustrated when you discover a track that you love by a new and unknown band/artist and are unable to play it on the radio?

A: Yes, probably on a daily basis

Q: What is the best view you have ever seen?

A: From this apartment block we stayed in last year in Sydney when my other half was out there doing some gigs. it was about 90 floors up and looked over Sydney Harbour, I felt like i was in the Australian equivalent of Dynasty. I love the sea so that and when i get home to Anstruther and sit on the swings at the Billowness and look out down the Forth estuary.

Q: What is your most treasured item of sentimental significance

A: my little boys name tag from when he was born. It sits on a shelf in his room and it’s crazy to believe he was that little. He’s almost 6 ft already, ha ha ha.

Q: Do you like to cook? (feel free to stick a link in for a current fave recipe)

A: Bloody love cooking. This is my fav TV recipe it’s a doddle to make and you can do you own bits and bobs to it. Really nice with Taco shells and lime.

Q: Film you are currently most obsessed with?

A: SO MANY.. I’m on the Bafta voting panel and I’m lucky enough to be sent all the films to watch. I’m so obsessed I’ve been watching hours of these amazing round table interviews with all the actors and directors of some of the best films of the year on The Hollywood Reporter site. They are all over an hour long. I find myself sat in my wee office just absorbing everything.. It’s my new passion. But here are a few. Blue Valentine, Get Low (Bill Murray is genius) and Kings Speech is just wicked, Social Network and Inception which has raised the bar in cinema in my eye, more so than that Giant Smurf shite that was out last year.

Q:The Fence Collective ‘Homegame’ festival takes place in your home town of Anstruther every year. This is a particular favourite of ours. Have you ever had the chance to go? What did you think? (It also happens to have the best fish and chip shop in the world)

A: Yeah I’ve been loads and my brother sometimes does the bar at some of the venues. I think it’s amazing and I’ve known KC Kenny for years. I used to be obsessed with his sister Lynne when I was a wee girl as she was awesome at the sword dance. She used to dance while Kenny and his dad played in the ceilidh band at my mum and dads hotel

Q: What is your fav i-Phone app at the moment?

A: Angry Birds and Flixter

Q: Tell us an awesome band to go and check out right now?

A: Wintersleep

Ally Burton

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