Junes UB & S Fiz: ‘This Year’

Junes UB & S Fiz: ‘This Year’

With ‘This Year’, production duo S Fiz & Junes UB craft an impactful slice of UK trap.

With unassuming beats combining effortlessly with combined classical and synthetic instrumentation, they provide the perfect dynamic backdrop for the pair’s hard-hitting bars.

Trading intelligent verses, they tackle ambition and adversity with swagger and insight. While clearly indebted to the trap sound, S Fiz & Junes UB imprint the track with their own signature style. Their back-and-forth wordplay reveals a veteran chemistry despite limited output.

‘This Year‘ excites as a reminder of their dormant talent based on past nostalgia, it also suggests S Fiz & Junes UB’s best work still lies ahead.

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