Jujujlipps: ‘Airplane Mode’

Jujujlipps: ‘Airplane Mode’

With her latest single ‘Airplane Mode’, Auckland’s Jujulipps proves she’s an artist to watch.

Fusing Afrobeat and hip hop, this track is a vibrant escape from the pressures of constant connectivity. Jujulipps’ skilful lyricism seamlessly combines English and Swahili as she urges us to unplug.

Propulsive rhythms and lively horns provide an infectious energy. Jujulipps’ has crafted a distinct sound and message and ‘Airplane Mode’ is a defiant yet joyful anthem, with the singer’s bold personality soaring above the instrumentation. This is protest music reinvented for the social media age. Jujulipps knocks down the hustle culture walls and invites us to live in the moment.

With its summery melodies and carefree attitude, ‘Airplane Mode’ will linger in your mind long after the song ends. If this single is any indication, Jujulipps’ future output will be memorable and layers of meaning will unravel with every listen.

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