Spotify Playlist: Delivery

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. This week is all about the vocal delivery. Each song has resonated because of its vocal delivery. There are varying dynamics between them all, but they have all stood out because of the voice. With love.


Kathleen Murray: Illusion

The Seattle singer-songwriter has explained that this song came from being surrounded by nature and finding clarity after a broken relationship. Through her solace amongst various elements of wildlife and the outdoors, the imagery in her lyrics soon becomes clear. It’s also fascinating how she entwines this with her emotions. Her vocal delivery travels through a journey itself and the command and control she demonstrates are noteworthy. This is revelatory. 

Balthazar: Fever

With news of a forthcoming album in January 2019, ‘Fever‘ is the first taster from the clever Belgian quintet. Packed with depth, beauty and layer upon layer of pristine musicianship, this defies any pigeon-holing stylistically. This is a glowing, endearing and prismatic offering which will have many listeners returning so they can simply indulge in it and wish they had penned it.

Archie Faulks: Blackout

The London-based singer-songwriter has managed to push head and shoulders above many stylistically similar artists with his latest release. This is minimalist indie rock, but it comes in its purest form and there is such poignancy in his delivery that it feels so much more relatable than many of his peers. It’s hard not to become devoted to this following its finish. Faulks vocal alone will be waiting for you the next time you need comfort. 

Amanda Tenfjord: Pick A Card

This is the strongest release so far from the Norwegian chanteuse. A wonderful journey ensues through her falsetto and it weaves its way through its orchestral backing making it feel like a light breeze through a stunning score. She shines in the quieter moments and the result is a new breed of affecting pop. 

Cut Copy: Ocean Blue

A triumphant return from the Australian electronic outfit, this is a melding of big-hearted melodies and idiosyncratic percussive beats which they have become famous for. It manages to feel completely fresh and proves an infectious listen. There’s a beautiful oddness at times reminiscent of the likes of The Avalanches and the absurd production demonstrated elevates it to a new level of brilliance. 

The Day: Where The Wild Things Are

The Dutch-German duo has created a heart-rending listen in their latest single. Beautifully conceived, the vocal hook on its chorus manages to tap into indie, 80s electro and even rock. It seeps an emotional quality and subtlety bleeds into one of the most satisfying crescendos I have heard this year. It shows a defiance in its delivery and will have new fans queuing up. 

Beerjack: Nervous

It’s been almost ten years since we first started writing about Peter Kelly aka Beerjacket. A humble man and a talent that we have seen support artists from Tom Vek to Frightened Rabbit. His creative stamina is something to be admired and it’s so incredibly gratifying to witness his return. There’s a grain and breat at times in Kelly’s voice that is wonderfully moving. When coupled with his honest lyrics, it distills what it means to be vulnerably exposed. Kelly manages to express this perfectly. 

Chaz Thorogood: Alive

The London-based singer-songwriter has a notable versatility to his vocal and one that flows seamlessly from acoustic to electro. The element of surprise in the progression of this song feels completely uninterrupted. This has the ability to soundtrack summer evenings, mountain climbs and even moments of hardship. There is a spontaneous eloquence that becomes apparent and his sense of identity is never lost. This is a worthwhile listen. 

JEFFE: Undecided

The Australian artist reveals her second single and firmly places herself as one to watch for 2019. This packs phenomenal drama into its production. The lavishness within its instrumental alone will have you hooked, but add an effortless vocal and you have perfection. A sonic progression from her previous release, this will envelop you like a warm hug. 

Gothic Tropic: Your Soul

The LA-based multi-talented artist has an already outstanding musical CV and with her debut album recorded by Devendra Banhart and Feist, Gothic Tropic lives up to the hype. Swathed in mesmerising rivulets of melodic flashes and enough ambience to buffer the almost post-punk guitar backbone, there’s a real maturity on show here. 

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