Spotify: New Music Playlist

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. Here are a collection of songs that have stood out for us this week and the reasons why. With love.

Kate Tempest: Holy Elixir

The London-born spoken word artist returns and continues to be in a league of her own. Her latest release is taken from her third album and Tempest manages to create an incredible sense of tension and release throughout. Casting her unique spell, delivering every word and line impeccably, this is a profound production and one that cements her potent authority. 

Cara Hammond: Good Times

Hailing from North Wales, the now London-based singer-songwriter has revealed her first single. Her divine vocal overlays a soulful production and so shines an innate sense of confidence throughout. With its pop licks and sophisticated delivery, Hammond makes this feel effortless. It’s clear that she has a promising road ahead. 

Jonny Element: Our Love

Previously part of bands including Southpaw, Norway-born Element has now moved on as a soloist. Revealing new melodies and layers upon each listen, this is an impressive piece of work. This blossoms into a florid soundscape creating a canvas of equatorial colours thanks to its production. I cannot wait for what is next. 

Cavern Company: Rising Tide

The Oklahoma-natives have released their latest EP So This Is Happiness and Rising Tide is one of the strongest tracks to emerge. A classic indie rock offering, the trio manage to pack a staggering amount of energy into its delivery and production. You are taken on a transcending journey to the summit of its crescendo and this just begs to be repeated over and over. 

Tenfold: Nine Square 

Hailing from the Netherlands, Tenfold’s previous output has focused more on a folk sound. Nine Square marks a more electronic production and its gorgeous intertwining colourful samples and percussive stabs make her stand out immeasurably. The intense warmth that pours from this is completely rewarding and this is a stunning statement. 

Sal Dulu: Buzzcut

Dublin’s Sal Dulu has collaborated with Atlanta based Hip Hop artist, StaHHr on this latest release and manages to create a fascinating oscillation between the elements. Dulu’s lush atmospherics and cut through by StaHHr’s lyric-spitting prowess and the result is majestic. Music needs more anthems like this. 

Moscow Youth Cult: Low Vision 

The third single to be taken from the London-based electronic duo’s second album, Low Vision is a sinister, euphoric and essential listen. When it draws back the curtain to its uptempo, synth-heavy peak performance, this loses any sense of inhibition and begs to be experienced live. Inject yourself with this sonic steroid and you will be rewarded greatly. 

Bonniesongs: Ice Cream

Aside from my inner Chunk being satisfied, the newly signed Small Pond Bonniesongs shows a compositional mastery with her latest single. The Australian artist (in every sense of the word) deconstructs indie rock and builds it into a gargantuan blend of entrancing ideas. She is one of the most exciting and inventive new musicians on the block. 

Joya MooiI Can Do Better feat. Pink Oculus

Taking influences from jazz, hip hop and R&B, the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter has released her latest triumph. With an album due in September, Mooi delivers a reverence and retro warmth in her music. Its smart production and idyllic vocal tones give way to catchy hooks and an irresistible performance. 

ORKID: Melodrama

Swedish native Matilda Melin aka ORKID has received continued praise from various tastemakers. Taken from her debut album I Don’t Give A Damn, single Melodrama showcases a pop sound with added depth. This is sassy, sweet and will provide instant gratification for commercial pop enthusiasts. 

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