Podcast 138: Sometimes It Is About Nurturing

Welcome to our new series! Halina and Kevin bring you another episode with some epic tunes. We continue to apologise to professional podcasters. This is our last podcast of 2013! We look at the artists that we have seen grow prior to and over 2013 and are looking forward to their output in 2014. Sometimes it is more about nurturing than the next big thing.

Our tracklisting this week is:

1. Mast. – ‘Romance’
2. Law – ‘Hustle’
3. Casual Sex – ‘Spook School’
4. Siiga – ‘Michelle Seashell’
5. Young Philadephia – ’Ambitions Are A Joke’
6. Kill The Waves – ‘The One That Could Have Been’
7. United Fruit – ‘Nothing To Feel’
8. Machines In Heaven – ‘Mumbo Jingo’
9. Pinact – ‘Telephobe’
10. Algernon Doll – ‘Homeschooled’
11. Poor Things – ‘Ice Cream’

Episode 138: Sometimes It Is More About Nurturing Than The Next Big Thing. by Podcart

Special thanks to Michael Chang for our artwork: cargocollective.com/mikechangdesignworkout

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